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Our Steaks

We broil our steaks at extremely high temperatures to seal in the flavor of USDA Prime cut beef. We serve all our steaks on a Sizzling Platter topped with our special maitre'd butter. So enjoy the steak, but please do not touch the plate!

How Do You Like It?

  • Rare - Very Red, cool center
  • Medium Rare - Red, warm center
  • Medium - Pink center
  • Medium Well - Slightly pink center
  • Well Done - Broiled throughout, no pink

Something Special?

If you would like your steak prepared Charred, Blackened, Pittsburgh, Extra Rare With Bleu Chese, With Bearnaise, With Caramelized Onions or just about anyway you like. Just let your server know.

Planning an Appetizer party? We deliver locally for lunch!

Private banquet rooms available. Business meetings, showers, memorial luncheons.

Call our banquet coordinator: Sharon or Stephanie @ 708.364.9494